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A Tour in Photos - Page 1
of Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa, Troncones & Barra de Potosí, Mexico

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Welcome to the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa PHOTO TOUR pages! These photos are mostly taken by me, and they include older photos showing some places that have changed and some people who are no longer with us.

Unless otherwise noted, these photos are my intellectual property. All are copyright protected. Their use for commercial or lucrative purposes without my explicit written consent is strictly prohibited.

You are welcome to use these photos as screen savers.

*NOTE* When you click on them, photos will open in a special window.

Post card of Zihuatanejo 1960
This is a post card photo of "Old Zihuatanejo" taken around 1960. The central street is Cuauhtémoc. The church "Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe" is visible a little right of center on what is now Cinco de Mayo street.
Old Zihuatanejo
This is a photo of Zihuatanejo looking down what is now called Calle Cuauhtémoc taken in the late 1960's by Gene "Cri-Cri" Lysaker. You can see the beach at Playa Almacén on the right, Playa Las Gatas across the bay, and a small Navy ship in front of the town. Calle Vicente Guerrero is visible to the left.

Photo © courtesy of Gene "Cri-Cri" Lysaker

Old Zihuatanejo
Another photo by Gene "Cri-Cri" Lysaker from the early 1970's showing John Wayne's yacht "Wild Goose" in the bay. Calle Vicente Guerrero is visible next to the grove of coconut palms, now sadly gone. John Wayne was a regular and popular visitor here for decades.

Photo © courtesy of Gene "Cri-Cri" Lysaker

Old Zihuatanejo aerial view
Here is a good view from the air of Zihuatanejo in 1999. At the bottom is Playa Madera. Near the center is el Centro (downtown) and Playa Principal ending at the pier near Las Salinas Lagoon.

Photo © 1999 courtesy of MALURY ORDAS

Aerial view of Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico
Here's an aerial photo of Zihuatanejo Bay taken in the late afternoon. Note the large cruise ship in the middle of the bay. From their anchorage they ferry their passengers to the municipal pier, el muelle municipal, located at about 10 o'clock from the ship.

Photo © 2000 courtesy of Robert Robertson

The Bay of Zihuatanejo and the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains
In this aerial photo of the Bay of Zihuatanejo the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range is visible in the background. Part of Playa La Ropa is visible on the right side of the bay. The lighthouse is visible in the foreground also on the right at the entrance to the bay.
Cancha Municipal, gazebo & zócalo of Zihuatanejo
Here is the main plaza of Zihuatanejo, also called the zócalo, with its basketball court known as the Cancha Municipal. To the left is Casa Marina.
Calle Cuahtémoc
One of the main streets of downtown Zihuatanejo, or El Centro, is Calle Cuauhtémoc. From the zócalo the first two blocks are pedestrian only.
Calle Cuahtémoc
On Calle Cuauhtémoc you'll find craft shops, restaurants, the movie theater "Cine Paraíso", inns, bars, art galleries, and the municipal library or Biblioteca Municipal.
Calle Juan N. Álvarez
This is the main street in town running parallel to the waterfront called Juan N. Alvarez. Lupita's Boutique is on the right on the ground floor of our home.
Calle Vicente Guerrero, Zihuatanejo
This is the street Vicente Guerrero that runs perpendicular to Juan N. Alvarez in the first block of downtown Zihuatanejo. Posada Citlali, Coconuts Restaurant, El Buen Gusto Bakery, Hotel Conchita del Mar, Mi Cabaña/Pizzas Locas Restaurant, and Mario's Leather are located on this street.
Calle Agustín Ramirez, Zihuatanejo
Calle Agustín Ramirez is another pedestrian street where you'll find shops selling clothing and crafts, restaurants, bars and the Hotel Zihuatanejo Centro.
Pedro Ascencio Street in Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Pedro Ascencio Street is a pedestrian walkway in the old section of downtown Zihuatanejo. Many nice restaurants, a few lodgings and several artisan shops can be found here.
El amanecer en Zihuatanejo
At the eastern end of the downtown beach, Playa Principal, next to the Museo Arqueológico de la Costa Grande, you'll find this pedestrian footbridge crossing "La Boquita" canal that separates downtown or El Centro and the neighborhood called La Madera.
Wandering musicians
Many roving troubadours wander from restaurant to restaurant downtown and on the beaches to serenade locals and visitors alike. A great Mexican custom! If you hire them to sing be sure to request the romantic song "Zihuatanejo".
Casa Marina, Zihuatanejo
This is Casa Marina located on Fishermen's Walkway on the downtown waterfront next to the main plaza. One of the few historical buildings left in Zihuatanejo. It houses several artisan boutiques and shops as well as a couple of restaurants and an animal shelter called SPAZ.
Fishermen's area
This is the fishermen's market area located on the downtown beach across the sidewalk from Casa Marina next to the main plaza. Early in the morning it's usually bustling with activity as fishermen return with their overnight catch.
El Almacén, Zihuatanejo, Mexico
El Almacén neighborhood is separated from downtown Zihuatanejo by this channel that provides access to Zihuatanejo Bay from Las Salinas Lagoon. Good lodgings and restaurants in this area.
El Almacén pedestrian bridge, Zihuatanejo, Mexico
A pedestrian bridge connects El Almacén neighborhood to downtown Zihuatanejo, crossing the channel that provides access to Zihuatanejo Bay from Las Salinas Lagoon.
Old pedestrian bridge to El Almacén in Zihuatanejo, Mexico
For many decades various versions of this rickety old bridge served to connect El Centro and El Almacén before being replaced with the concrete bridge seen in the previous photo.
Las Salinas Lagoon to Zihuatanejo Bay
The view from the pedestrian bridge looking towards Zihuatanejo Bay in the early morning. El Centro is on the left and El Almacén is on the right.
Las Salinas Lagoon, Zihuatanejo
Here two fishing boats called pangas pass each other in Las Salinas Lagoon's entrance channel. Many fishermen keep their boats in this lagoon.
Horseback riding at Barra de Potosí
At la Barra de Potosí you can enjoy the freshest seafood around. Take a tour of the lagoon there to see rare exotic birds & other local flora & fauna. Don't forget your camera!

Photo © 1998 courtesy of Barbara Anderman

View of Playa Las Gatas from Playa La Ropa, Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Here's a view of Playa Las Gatas through the palm trees at the Catalina Beach Resort Hotel on La Ropa Beach.
the Sotavento and Catalina hotels at Playa La Ropa
Here's a photo of the old Sotavento and Catalina hotels on Playa La Ropa back when they were still one hotel run by doña Eva.

Photo © 2000 courtesy of Robert Robertson

Crocodile in La Ropa estuary, Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Our region of Mexico is home to crocodiles. As long as you respect their space, don't harass them and don't feed them there should be no problems between humans and crocodiles. They've been here forever.
Sunrise in Zihuatanejo Bay
A frigate bird seeks breakfast while fishermen work in Zihuatanejo Bay. The sun rises fast at our latitude, but if you don't mind getting up early you might get to enjoy a colorful treat.
Zihuatanejo sunrise
Early morning colors over the Bay of Zihuatanejo as the fishermen return with their overnight catch to the market on the downtown beach. The beginning of another magical day in paradise!
Playa El Palmar, Ixtapa, Mexico
This is the main beach in Ixtapa called Playa El Palmar. This is where all the high-rise hotels are. Though a popular beach, since it fronts the open ocean there can be dangerous undertows and high surf at times. If you swim here please be careful, and try to stay within sight of a lifeguard.
Boa constrictor
The morning after a heavy rainstorm we awoke to shouts from our neighbor to hurry downstairs only to find this beautiful boa constrictor entwined in the gate of the corner shop on the ground floor of our home.
Statue of Tte. José Azueta
Since our municipio is called Zihuatanejo de Azueta, we have a statue of Teniente José Azueta in the plaza entering the municipal pier of Zihuatanejo.
ZIHUA sign at the pier
The ZIHUA sign is located beside the municipal pier. This is from when it was first painted in colors.
Little pier
This little pier can be found on Las Salinas canal right behind the Port Captain's offices by the municipal pier.


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