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Water tanker truck

For more complete listings of local services with websites and/or e-mail addresses please see the respective directories for Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa and Troncones.


 AutoZone - Parts and accessories for most makes and models of vehicles. Located on Paseo de Zihuatanejo Oriente #39, Col. El Hujal. Tel. (755) 554-0730
 "El Güero" Car Wash, Detailing & Repairs - Mr. Raúl Radilla Mendoza offers several incredible and invaluable services. He can make your vehicle look and run like new. He offers complete washing, waxing, polishing, and detailing of vehicles as well as mechanical repairs including maintenance and painting. He will come pick up your vehicle and drop it off. Also, if you want to leave your car here for long periods, he'll care for it in a secure place and have it waiting for you in tip-top shape at the airport (or wherever you like) when you return. Additionally, he will wash, wax and polish motor homes, yachts, and even wash living room furniture including upholstered and stuffed chairs, cushions and sofas. Cel. & WhatsApp: 755-111-0895, e-mail: wero-1970@hotmail.com


Building & Home

 Aire - Lucio Soberanis and his team offer air-conditioning and refrigeration installation, maintenence and repair services for businesses, homes and vehicles. Paseo del Peñazco R-1, Col. Cuauhtémoc, Zihuatanejo. Cel. 755-104-8142, e-mail lucio.ag@hotmail.com
 Calli Design - Architecture and interior designing as well as exquisite decorations, lamps, furniture, pottery, and fabrics for the home. Located on the Zihuatanejo-to-Ixtapa highway next to the Instituto Tecnológico. Tel. & FAX (755) 554-3210
  Click Diseños y Acabados - They offer architectural services for all types of constructions as well as a store with products for design and decoration including finishings, lighting, fans, sealants, and quality concrete and stonework. Located on the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa highway next to the Instituto Tecnológico de la Costa Grande.
 EDISSustentable - Installation of solar panel systems for residences, businesses and industries. Offices located on Calle Ejército Mexicano Mza. 01, Lote 13 Col. Progreso, Zihuatanejo. Cel. 755-690-1350
 "El Güero" Upholstery Cleaning - Mr. Raúl Radilla Mendoza offers professional cleaning of upholstery including stuffed chairs, cushions, sofas, and mattresses. Cel. & WhatsApp: 755-111-0895, e-mail: wero-1970@hotmail.com
 Ferretería y Tlapalería del Centro - Well-stocked hardware store selling quality brands and offering excellent service. Located at Calle Cuauhtémoc #33, Centro, Zihuatanejo. Tel: (755) 554-7878, e-mail: nora27_03@hotmail.com
  Puerto Verde - Installation of solar panel systems for electrical generation as well as for water heaters and pools. Located at Paseo de la Boquita #43 local 1 - 2, Zihuatanejo. Cel. 755-125-8576


Communications & Technology

  AT&T - Cellphone and internet services. Sale of smartphones and accessories. Located in downtown Zihuatanejo on the southwest corner of the intersection of Calle Vicente Guerrero and Avenida José María Morelos y Pavón. Tel. 800-200-9300
  Ciudad PC - Sales of computers, parts and accessories. Located on Calle Cuahtémoc #31 in downtown Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-6198
  CrashData Systems - Computer systems sales, maintenance, repair and accessories. Find them on Avenida Morelos #18 between Cuauhtémoc and Vicente Guerrero (near the corner of Cuauhtémoc) in downtown Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-5056, (755) 554-2999
 Electrónica Mitron - Electrical accessories, parts and supplies for everything from stereos to computers to lighting to household wiring to specialized batteries. Find this amazingly convenient and well-stocked store with knowledgeable and helpful personnel on Calle Del Cartero #2 in Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-8509
 Megacable Comunicaciones - Providers of cable TV, internet and telephones services. Located in Zihuatanejo on Paseo del Estudiante #41 on the corner with Avenida Morelos, Col. Centro, Zihuatanejo. Tel. to report problems 755-690-0000
 SERCOMMEX - Repairs, sales & configuration of computer systems, supplies and equipment including help with internet connections.
 SIDITEL - Digital TV systems. Authorized Sky TV distributor. Let Javier Gómez and his team resolve all your digital TV needs so that you can enjoy the programs you want, whether by satellite or internet including Roku. Located on Paseo de Zihuatanejo Poniente, Col. El Hujal. Tel. (755) 554-9571, 554-3499
 Telcel - Nationwide mobile phone sales and services including Internet.
 Telmex - A nationwide phone sales and services as well as Internet Service Provider offering services in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa and surrounding communities. Tel. *2222 or 800-123-2222
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 VM Concierge Services - Veronik Morales offers an excellent service to make your travels and vacations easier. She can have your lodging stocked with foods, flowers drinks and any other amenities you would like to have ready upon your arrival. And once you're here, if you need errands run, she can take care of those for you. Trustworthy and reliable. Contact her via WhatsApp in Mexico.


Education & Instruction

 Adventure of Learning Spanish, The - Basic and conversational Spanish taught for visitors and new arrivals to Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa. In groups or private classes. See description of courses, fees and teachers' details.
 Colegio Decroly - An excellent small private school offering preschool, daycare, kindergarten and elementary school classes. Located in Colonia La Madera.
 Colegio Integral Rotterdam - A private bilingual school offering quality education for kinder, elementary, middle and high school levels. Located in Zihuatanejo on Calle Ola Azul #1, Centro (in front of the Fuente del Sol).
 Conalep Zihuatanejo - Public college of professional technical education at the mid-upper level. Located in Zihuatanejo.
 Cooking with Claudia - Learn how to make popular local and regional dishes as well as how to buy what you need to prepare them at a Mexican mercado.
 Instituto EnglishPLUS - Language school offering classes of English instruction at convenient morning and afternoon hours as well as on Saturdays to students of all ages. Located on the waterfront in downtown Zihuatanejo.
 Instituto Lizardi - A locally popular bilingual private school offering classes from pre-school to college level. Located in Zihuatanejo.
 La Escuela de Música y Artes de Zihuatanejo - Currently offering music classes only. Cel. 755-550-3310
 Patio Mexica Cooking School - Learn local and regional dishes with Monica at her popular cooking school in Colonia La Madera in Zihuatanejo.
 Zihro Plastic - Non-profit educational Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to minimizing the use of disposable plastic and promoting ecological alternatives. They also organize clean-up programs for Zihuatanejo's bay and beaches.



 Florería Dany - Flowers and arrangements for all occasions, events, weddings, and parties. Find their shop on Antonio Nava Street at the corner with Hermenegildo Galeana in downtown Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-8297, (755) 554-2663, e-mail: floreriadany@hotmail.com


LP Gas

 Gas de Guerrero - Gas delivered in cylinders and for stationary tanks for home and business. Located on Carretera Nacional 200 Acapulco Zihuatanejo km. 229.5 in Coacoyul. Tel (755) 554-2080
  Gas Express Nieto - Gas delivered in cylinders and for stationary tanks for home and business as well as for vehicles. Located on Carretera Nacional 200 Zihuatanejo-Lázaro Cárdenas km. 11 in Balbulillas. Tel. (755) 544-7777


Laundry Services

  Lavandería Express - Excellent laundry service for locals and visitors. Owned and operated personally by Alejandro Guido Torres. Located in downtown Zihuatanejo on Calle Catalina González #35, Tel. (755) 554-4393
  Lavandería La Noria - Self-service and drop-off wash and fold service. Open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Located at Paseo del Cantil #1, Col. Lázaro Cárdenas (La Noria), Zihuatanejo.
  Lavandería Súper Limpio - Self-service, drop-off, pick-up and delivery. Open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Bilingual. Find them at Andador Punta Garrobo, Locale 7, Centro Comercial Flamboyant II, Ixtapa. Cel. & WhatsApp: 755-138-0678
 Monarca - Laundromat offering self-service as well as residential and commercial service including pick-up and delivery. Operated by Somer Relfe and located in the shopping complex called Centro Comercial "La Moraleja", Local 2-A in Ixtapa. Tel. (755) 553-3191, cel. 755-111-4188, e-mail: zimapropomotorainmobiliaria@gmail.com


Notaría Pública No. 1  Notaría Pública No. 1 - Various legal services including the drawing up of contracts, agreements, trusts, wills and the legal witnessing of signatures. They also assess property values. Located in Zihuatanejo in Colonia El Hujal.
 Yadira Ríos Torres - Certified translator with official state seal. She does professional translations of all types of documents and legal processes. Reasonable fees. Located in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa. Cel. 755-130-9346. E-mail: yadirart72@yahoo.com


Musicians & DJs

 DJ Doro - Angel Alfonso Tellechéa Palacios aka "Doro" offers his excellent talents and music with digital sound system and lighting for all types of special events and parties. From romantic and rock to tropical and hip-hop, Doro maintains a selection of genres for all tastes and ages. Find him at Calle Nicolás Bravo #9, Colonia Centro, Zihuatanejo, Gro. (Bananas Restaurant). Tel. (755) 554-9805, Cel. 755-100-4553; e-mail: dj_doro_bananas@yahoo.com.mx
 José Luis Cobo López - A local guitarrist and singer with a large repertoire of traditional and regional music including ballads and some very romantic songs. One of our most beloved and popular local musicians! Cel. 755-121-4472
 "Joyas del Mar" Mariachi Femenil - Extremely talented professional female mariachis available for all types of special occasions including weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Cel. 755-104-7513, 755-140-6148
 Juanito Zihua - This popular singer-songwriter guitarrist from Guerrero plays a variety of music with his own style including traditional and popular music. Bilingual and available for events, he also offers guitar classes. Cel. 755-102-1360

 Los Hermanos Morelos - A duet of troubadors who play some of the music most representative of our region of the Costa Grande of Guerrero. They are available for parties and special events. Cel. 755-114-5265, 755-108-2574

 Mariachi "Alma de Guerrero" - Talented mixed group of mariachis available for private engagements, parties, and special events. Cel. 755-142-3195, 755-104-7513
 Mariachi "Los Torcazos" - This is an excellent group of professional mariachis who are available to play for private engagements and special events. Tel. (755) 554-5315, (755) 554-0861; Cel. 755-101-0711


Package & Shipping Services

  DHL - Nationwide and international package shipping service. Local office located on Marina Nacional #71, Zihuatanejo. Tel. (55) 5345-7000, Cel. 755-130-6996
  Estafeta - Nationwide and international shipping service. Local office located at Heróico Colegio Militar #120-A, Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-4888
  FedEx - Nationwide and international shipping service. Local office located at Avenida Paseo de Zihuatanejo Poniente #158, Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 112-1734, (755) 554-1361
  MexPost - The Mexican post office's package shipping service. Calle del Cartero s/n, Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-2192


Photography & Video Services

  Arte Visual - Edson Hernández and his crew offer their artistic talents as photographers and videographers for publicity, weddings, parties and special occasions.
  Fabián Rodríguez - Photography and videos for all occasions.

  Foto Estudio Ramírez - Photography and video for all occasions. Sizes available are thumbnails, ovals, official ID, passport, diploma, and professional title in color or black and white, delivered within minutes. They also offer a wide range of picture frames. Calle Catalina González #7, Zihuatanejo Centro. Tel. (755) 554-2768.

  RGB Foto y Video - Photography and videos for parties, weddings, special occasions, and websites. Héctor Aranda is very talented as well as bilingual, and I highly recommend his services. Cel. 755-557-2009.


Salons & Spas

 Estética Hair Fashion & Style - Unisex hair styling and beauty parlor. Located in downtown Zihuatanejo at Avenida 5 de Mayo #9 near the corner of Calle Juan N. Álvarez. Cel. 755-124-4978
 Khushi Manos y Pies Spa - Pamper yourself from head to toe with massages, creams, lotions, treatments, manicures and pedicures in an atmosphere of utter relaxation. Located in Plaza los Adobes at #31 Juan N. Álvarez street in downtown Zihuatanejo. Open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
 Salud Y Bienestar - Massage parlor located in Zihuatanejo and operated by María Gabriela Cruz Estefes. She offers manicures and pedicures as well as professional massages including Swiss, aromatherapy, holistic, lymphatic, athletic, aryuveda, shiat su, hot stones, foot reflexology, and deep tissue. Cel. 755-143-7055, e-mail: gabrielacmk@hotmail.com


Transportation Services

ETASA  Enlace Terrestre Aeroportuario S.A. de C.V. (ETASA) - Ground transportation services between the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa International Airport and hotels and other lodgings in surrounding communities. Also offer chauffeured vehicles and buses for tours and large groups.


Water - Bottled & Tanker Truck Service

 Agua Eréndira - Bottled water in demijohns delivered to your home or business. Paseo de la Boquita #165, Zona Industrial, Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-9189
 Aguaquín - Bottled water in demijohns delivered to your home or business. Paseo de la Boquita #16, Zona Industrial, Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 554-3720, (755) 554-2165
 Aquapura Purificadora de Agua - An ecologically conscious business offering purified bottled alkaline water in demijohns delivered to your home or business. On the corner of Calle Altamirano at the intersection with Vicente Guerrero, Centro, Zihuatanejo. Tel. (755) 544-7156
 Epura (formerly Santorini) - Bottled water in demijohns delivered to your home or business. Calle Palma #29 y 30, Zona Industrial, Zihuatanejo. Cel. 755-558-1471
 Servi-Pipa - Water tanker truck. Reliable service and reasonably priced. Cel. 755-127-2060
 Spura - Bottled water in demijohns delivered to your home or business. Calle Vicente Guerrero #6, Centro, Zihuatanejo. Cel. 755-112-1797


Weddings & Special Events

 Casa Morelos Catering Service - Delicious recipes of Guerrero available for weddings, private dinners and all types of special occasions for from 40 to 300 persons.
 Garrobos Catering - Catering services for all occasions large and small. Specializing in fresh seafood, regional and international dishes. Tel. (755) 554-6706. E-mail: garroboscrew@prodigy.net.mx
Inn at Manzanillo Bay  Inn at Manzanillo Bay - Weddings and special events at Manzanillo Bay in Troncones. A scenic location with an excellent restaurant located on the beach. These folks will make your special event an affair to remember!


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